4 Major Attributes of the Best American Schools in Sharjah

best American schools in Sharjah

Let’s admit that parenthood is not easy; you are constantly worried about the well-being of your child and in the constant pursuit to provide the best. Be it concerning clothes, medical facilities or nutrition, settling with anything mediocre or substandard for your child is beyond question. And speaking of education, choosing the best school is of paramount importance and it is not without any reason.

One of the biggest responsibilities that every parent undertakes is enrolling their children in one of the best American schools in Sharjah, successfully. As a parent, finding a school that provides a holistic experience to your child not only in terms of intellect but also prioritizes all-round development of the little mind is quite an overwhelming task, right? But don’t worry! We’re here to make things right and easy for you. Below mentioned are the most important qualities to look for when searching the best American school in Sharjah.

1. Holistic development: In Sharjah, most of the American schools follow an international curriculum that centres upon the holistic development of the students. In other words, these schools adhere to a study program that focuses on the all-round development of the students. Whether it concerns the physical, social, emotional or intellectual spheres, such schools help children to become well-rounded individuals in their lives. In addition, students are equipped with essential knowledge and skills that help them to determine their own course of excellence.

2. Innovative programs and extracurricular activities: Gone are the days when children used to go to school to only attend classes, take notes, qualify exams and get promoted. Along with these, quite a few of the American schools in Sharjah have dared to take the road not taken by combining regular classes and exclusive programs and extracurricular activities. The reason? To help students break the boundaries and bring forth their potential. Such programs could range from weekly outdoor activities like rock climbing, rafting or sailing or tie-ups with other eminent international schools. As a consequence, students studying in one of the best American schools in Sharjah are always a step ahead when it comes to discipline, mental strength, physical fitness or resilience. More power to such American schools, shall we say?

3. Attention to moral values and leadership skills: Did you think your child will only gain world-class knowledge but not know the significance of moral values? Amend your thoughts we say! International schools make the leaders of tomorrow who personify a good moral character. For this reason, emphasis on values such as diligence, discipline, honesty, compassion, among others plays a key role in fostering a holistic development of children studying in these schools.

4. World-class facilities: It is said that any first-class American school in Sharjah, is committed to providing students with a world-class learning experience and it is not a sham. Owing to the international status, the campuses of these schools are designed to provide education that follows a world-class standard. The students feel welcomed to study in a well-maintained environment. Furthermore, these schools provide students with the benefits of studying in modern classrooms, have access to computers, fully-furnished science labs, libraries, multi-purpose halls, cafeterias, music and art rooms and many more. On top of that, the entire campus is kept under strict vigilance by the means of high-quality electronic surveillance cameras and efficient security guards.

Conclusion: Deciding on which American school would be the best is indeed a daunting task. As a concerned parent, enrolling your child in one of the best American schools in Sharjah that pursues academic excellence in the presence of a well-learned faculty, promotes all-round development and plays a critical role in nurturing the next generation, certainly is a spell of relief. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind when you are searching for the same. To know more about our school, reach us on easuae.com/apply-to-eas