Health Clinic

School clinic is a facility within the school premises intended to provide basic medical care and preventive measures such as immunization programs and health education as mandated by the MOH. Medical team of Emirates American School comprises of a School Doctor and two Nurses who efficiently manage the school clinic on daily basis. There are two clinics, one for boys and another for girls with attached washroom and two isolation rooms likewise. Inside both clinics there is room assigned for Medical waste storage and disposal (Wakaya). Both School clinics have a designated area to be utilized for health services including a waiting area, consultation area, treatment areas, and observation room. Handicapped-accessible rest room available within the school clinic with the railings. Physical environment of the clinic is clean and properly maintained and have adequate lighting and ventilation. A comprehensive, and accurate student medical record is maintained for each student. The School clinic is equipped with the appropriate medical equipment, supplies, and pharmacological agents which are required in order to provide basic, and other emergency services.