Positive Education at EAS

Dear Educators,

Positive Education is an approach to education that blends academic learning with character & well-being. Preparing students with life skills such as: grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, and mindfulness amongst others. Positive education is based on the science of well-being and happiness.

  • This is currently a growing trend in Education across the globe.
  • 9 out of 10 parents in the UK want schools to offer this kind of education

So, why not us, at EAS?

 Just the other day, I had a session with the SLT, and I am encouraged with their enthusiasm for starting this whole new concept in our school from this academic year.

I am sure you are all familiar with the Coursera online education portal. Mr. Yonatan has suggested the following course for you to register and get the best out of Positive Psychology, which is the foundation of Positive Education. As a learning community, may I urge you all to register and complete this short course (it is a 5-course series and is absolutely free) preferably before 15th August 2020:

https://www.coursera.org/specializations/positivepsychology/enroll to create a better world of education for our children.

As and when you finish the course, please write to hrasst@easuae.com for the school record as it will be absolutely essential for everyone to focus on Positive Education as the school’s core work philosophy when school reopens

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is one of the most influential psychologists alive today and the audible version of her book on ‘POSITIVITY’ is available through the following link. I am sure, this book will make a difference in your personal outlook and is free.


Extensive training programs will soon be made available to all staff.

Kind regards,

Johny Abraham