Principal's Message


Principal’s Vision – ‘A happy school family consisting of intrinsically motivated successful individuals’.

Our goal is to provide students with a world class learning experience to ensure that they are prepared for success in higher education and at the work place.

At Emirates American School we follow the American curriculum to contextualise the students’ learning by using the environment around them and where appropriate, allowing them ownership over their own learning, which is critical to their success.

We also focus heavily on learning behaviours such as collaboration, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and leadership in the process of learning.

We believe in the pursuit of academic excellence and success, of course, but along with this we also try to promote an all-round and broad education as we expect every individual to flourish both in and out of the classroom and that they develop the skills, qualities and values that will lead to a successful life. We passionately believe that the quality of an education is seen less in the questions children answer than in the questions they ask.

We encourage our students to develop respect for each other, our learning, our community and our environment. We also believe that children should be happy in our school and enjoy learning. Attainment and progress are definitely critical in a child’s education and we know that happy children succeed. By focusing on children’s wellbeing and happiness and by ensuring they are given the skills and tools to learn based on the values and principles of our great nation, we know we will get results the right way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.  

Johny Abraham / Principal