Doctor’s Health Tips for Wellbeing

Doctors Health tips for the control of Infectious Diseases

EAS Doctor’s tips for the wellbeing:

Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

 The quality of our sleep impacts our life. From blood pressure to immunity and mental clarity, sleep is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy in school.

Clean Your Space Often

Cleaning your space regularly is a good habit to get into. Little things like cleaning your surfaces, table, chair, keyboards, mouse, shared items, screen can go a long way in keeping your space sanitary.


Exercise & Keep Active

If regular exercise is not already a part of your life now, then make it so. It helps to control your weight and boosts your energy level, so you can give your Best at school.

Eat Whole Food Meals & Snacks

Diet and Nutrition ultimately dictate overall immunity, cognitive performance and physical wellbeing at school. Taking out processed foods and incorporating more whole foods in your lunch-boxes will leave you feeling cleaner, lighter and more energized.

Staying hydrated

Water both cleanses the body and transports vitamins and nutrients to give you energy.

Take time for your mental health

Being in shape and having an amazing body is awesome, but make sure you take some time out of your day to care for your mental health too, it’s just as important.

  • Going to school is a significant stage in life. The choices we make and habits we cultivate during school will ultimately influence who we become in the future. Adopting good habits and staying safe and healthy in schoolwill serve you well now, and down the line.