Emirates American School – an Inclusive School

At Emirates American School, we believe that all children should have equal access to education. Through a continuum of educational support, Emirates American School strives to provide all students with a program that guides them towards academic success and self-advocacy. Faculty and staff, in partnership with parents, make every effort to provide an inclusive and responsive program that directs students towards academic success.

EAS is an inclusive school that welcomes children from a wide range of learning preferences, including students with special needs and disabilities, gifted and talented students, and students learning English as a second language. The Special Education Needs department provides individualized learning to our students with disabilities to meet their needs. As part of our general education program, we also integrate students with learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs into general education class rooms so that they are able to excel in a stimulating learning environment and develop their self-confidence and social skills.                                                                                                                            

SEND Department staff are qualified and have extensive experience in their fields. Their goal is to boost the student’s performance academically, socially and behaviorally in a school setting. The experts focus their efforts on assisting and guiding students with special needs by providing individualized educational and learning services. Various resources and assistive technologies are available to students in an effort to reach and teach all learners.

Our SEND program is developed and implemented based on the skills and needs of the students, and it is documented in an Individual Education Plan. At school, Individual Education Plan is created to identify needs, recommend teaching strategies and provide advice and support for parents to educate their child at home along with the initiatives at school.

We value input and participation from all stakeholders, everyone is welcome!

We are proud to acknowledge that Emirates American School is an inclusive school and accepts all students for consideration during their admission process.