Overview of the Top Primary School in Sharjah

Primary school is the place to explore the natural curiosity of the young students. We have categorized our training system into five grades to provide a rich opportunity for the learners to thoroughly engage with the subject matter. Emirates American School has been placed in the top category of ‘Advanced Improvement’ by Sharjah Private Education Authority after the 2020 Review of all schools. Here is a complete overview of the top primary school in Sharjah.
Grade 1
Grade 1 is an action-packed time, full of learning and development. During the early elementary school years, your first grader will learn to read and begin the transition from reading to learning (strong reading skills are the basis for academic achievement in the future). Your child will mature emotionally and physically and grow more independent while developing a solid educational foundation.
Grade 2
In grade 2, as the kids get settled into the routines of the school, they’ll be ready to receive more serious learning. Now they can apply their knowledge of the meanings of letters and numbers to more complicated material and start to develop analytical abilities.
Kids who were not ready to completely grasp the concepts introduced in grade 1, are often ready to master them in grade 2.
Grade 3
Third grade is a crucial year for your child. Learning to read with confidence and fluency will serve as a foundation for the analytical demands in later grades. The learned teachers of the leading primary school in Sharjah patiently help the young learners to read between the lines. Gradually, your child will be able to make sense of numerous multi-syllable words. He or she will come to appreciate figurative language (e.g., a piece of cake) and comprehend the relationship of one word to another (e.g., company and companion).
Perceiving and understanding the complexity of words will help your child to read increasingly challenging books and develop a basic knowledge about the world around him or her.
By the end of the year, your child will also be able to write concise sentences and paragraphs on a varied range of topics, equipped with an expanding vocabulary.
Grade 4
Kids learn a number of novel things in 4th grade, both socially and academically. Just as the formation of cliques starts to increase and complicates your child’s social life, the academic horizon expands as well. This requires your child not only to be responsible for their own work, but to work cooperatively in multiple groups as well.
Grade 5
As your 5th grader is only a year away from the challenging curriculum of middle school, this is the year to enhance their ability to solve math programs.
The expert-designed curriculum will demand and thereby prepare the students to storm their brains and come up with solutions to more complicated problems. Further, they will be equipped with the knowledge of how to apply addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division within the same problem.
By now, your 5th grader has acquired significant fluency in reading books. This year, they will be challenged to read books of different genres with a critical and interpretive eye. Expect your child to accomplish a lot of independent reading and writing book-reports that analyze the plot, setting, or characters as they relate to the author’s purpose in writing the book. Your child will also learn to back up his or her opinions using examples from the text.
Fifth-grade writing instruction runs in parallel with reading in a combined class known as Language Arts. Every day, the students will learn to write in a distinct manner. Many teachers will opt for journaling during when the students are asked to write personal expression (be it fiction, poetry, or autobiography). A great deal of emphasis is rendered upon the writing process, as the young students master the art of editing for punctuation all the while maintaining a writing flow and delivering clarity of thought.
This year, the students will produce a writing portfolio of their best works and in turn, will learn to evaluate their own achievements.
Fifth-grade students also obtain knowledge about the physical world. Areas of study include the digestive system. Your child will not only conduct experiments but also practice articulating their findings in a factual manner.
The focus of social studies in fifth grade is on citizenship. Other than learning about the nation’s history, the students will be encouraged to analyze their lessons. Your child will also acquire a clear insight into the evolution of our government and the unique features of various countries. That way, they will excel in both history and geography.


Best Primary School in Sharjah - Make Education Impactful

From the outlined curriculum overview of EAS, you may have understood why it is crowned as one of the best primary schools in Sharjah. Our interdisciplinary approach to learning inspires a love for wisdom among the students and our faculty assists in every step of the students’ pursuit of knowledge.