School Life

Providing our students with a world class learning experience and cutting edge resources to ensure they are prepared for success in higher education and the work place.

Emirates American School is committed to:


Providing our students with a world class learning experience and cutting edge resources to ensure they are prepared for success in higher education and the work place.


Committing to the continuous professional development of our teachers so they are ready to utilize the latest approaches, techniques, and methods to nurture our students’ academic and personal development.


Communicating openly with our students’ families to clearly define expectations, opportunities for improvement and discuss individual learning plans securing a holistic, student –centered approach in and outside the classroom.


Engaging our community with student-led projects addressing real world issues that simultaneously provide the UAE with practical solutions and produce responsible citizens committed to the development of their society and national identity.

Student Activities

Student Activities at EAS are varied, challenging, stimulating and highly rewarding. All students at the school are expected to achieve success at all stages of their learning both inside and outside the classroom. 

Social Life

The overall well-being of EAS students is developed through various opportunities created in school. They are involved in or have opportunities to initiate development projects. Students have several leadership opportunities around school development, including an active Student Council, with inputs from positive behaviour managers


Emirates American School’s modern campus will make your children feel welcomed and comfortably at-home in our new, well-maintained environment. The school building is modeled after Iberian Architecture and gives it a unique atmosphere. It is a large sprawling grounds, complete with tennis courts, football pitches, soothing fountains, and luscious, manicured gardens. The comfortable environment offers both students and staff a relaxed, focused atmosphere to make learning easy and fun.


Our lovely facilities include modern, furnished class rooms, fully equipped computer and science labs, music and art rooms, separate swimming pools for juniors and seniors, climate-controlled multi-purpose halls for a wide range of indoor sports and other activities, fully grassed outdoor playing areas, basketball and tennis courts, and separate cafeterias for boys and girls. The campus is well-guarded with 24-hour security in addition to being electronically monitored by surveillance cameras.

The Campus Experience

EAS aims to be a caring community and challenging environment in which all feel valued.  Our mission is to build self-confidence and motivation for all learners by providing rich opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Extracurricular activities

Emirates American School runs a good range of extra-curricular activities that provide enrichment in the holistic development of all students. The activities are open to all students. We believe that extra-curricular activities will contribute in the process of a child’s wholesome growth as they play core part in the students’ learning experiences in the school. All students are encouraged to take part in such activities to promote independence, collaborative learning and team work. Our aim is to develop confident young men and women who can contribute to strengthen their societies which will play a valuable role in the process of Nation building.

Our school has top of the class facilities to cater to a number of activities. Students are welcome to make full use of these facilities to choose to stay on the top of their action list to enhance their learning experiences and to make them a much more rewarding one.

Swimming pools

We have four indoor swimming pools. Two large pools for senior boys and senior girls in the boys’ and girls’ sections respectively and two small pools for beginners, also conveniently placed in the boys and girls’ sections separately.  A pair of them are temperature controlled. Parents approval is sought for swimming classes which is a part of the co-curricular activities. Qualified staff members under the observation of male and female lifeguards impart training to the students and maintain operational facilities.

Sports, club and recreational activities

To cater to the physical, social and emotional growth of every child under our care, the school offers multiple facilities such as two large air-conditioned multi-purpose halls  for boys and girls, four swimming pools (two large and two small, situated in separate wings of boys and girls), two Basketball courts, two Football courts, etc. Indoor sports and games are encouraged at all times, as the physical training is not limited to the best and suitable weather conditions. School also provides clubs to develop various soft skills as a part of the curriculum. Qualified and experienced staff facilitate the training programmes.

Multi-purpose halls

The school has two large multipurpose halls, one each in the boys’ section and the girls’ section. Both are centrally air-conditioned and one of them is completely sound proofed. Both halls together can house around 10 badminton courts and has the provision for several indoor games. The physical training of all students happens independent of the weather conditions thanks to these separate facilities for boys and girls.