The school transportation is outsourced to Bright Bus Transport, one of the leading school transport providers in the UAE. They operate fully equipped vehicles supported by cutting edge technology that enhance safety standards. The staff are well trained and highly qualified. BBT transport takes responsibility for complete planning and management for daily transport operations, including route management, and identifying the most feasible and ideal routing systems for buses. The facilities in the bus include satellite tracking & GPS system along with internal and external bus monitoring and surveillance cameras. They cover areas such as Madam, and all areas of Sharjah. Please be aware of the following School bus policies: 1. Guidelines Regarding Items permitted in the School Bus: *Only Items required for curriculum are to be transported *Lunch containers & books – children take care of their own *Nothing Is Allowed in the Aisles *No Firearms or Live Animals *No Skateboards, Golf Clubs, Water Guns, Crazy Carpets, Etc. ** 2. Responsibilities of the Student: Students riding on the bus must remember they are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver / bus assistant and through him to the principal.

  1. The driver / bus assistant is in full charge of the bus and his/her directions must be obeyed.
  2. The driver / bus assistant will report any misconduct to the principal of the School concerned.
  3. The driver / bus assistant may assign specific seats to students at any time.
  4. While the bus is in motion, students must not extend parts of their bodies out of the windows, try to get on or off the bus, or move about within it. All students must be seated and fasten their seat-belts when the bus is moving.
  5. Students must not throw paper or other material on the floor or out of the bus windows.
  6. While on the bus, students must conduct themselves in a quiet and courteous manner, showing consideration for the comfort and safety of others.
  7. Eating, Scuffling, fighting, and using obscene language on the bus are strictly prohibited.
  8. Students causing willful damage to the bus will be held fully accountable.
  9. When leaving the bus, students must observe the bus driver/ bus assistant instructions. They are not permitted to cross the road.
  10. In extreme cold or inclement weather, or under hazardous road conditions, students must be properly dressed. Parents must also arrange for alternate shelter and care if necessary.
  11. Safety of students required to ride on School buses shall not be placed at risk by requiring operation of School buses, or other transportation, during extreme inclement weather or under hazardous road conditions. The responsibility for safety of children who are required to travel on School buses or other School-provided transportation is of necessity shared by the School, its staff, bus drivers and parents. School system staff and bus operators shall exercise their responsibilities in accordance with the guidelines approved by the School.

3. Student Conduct on School Buses: Bus Assistants are an important part of Emirates American School staff. They are responsible for the safety and conduct of the students while they are on the bus. Students riding on a bus are expected to give the bus driver / bus assistant respect, consideration and cooperation, and always and immediately carry out his/her reasonable instructions. 4. Purpose: To establish behavioral expectations with appropriate and consistent consequences that promote self-respect, respect for other and property. 5. Guidelines & Procedures  1. If a student chooses to break a rule, the following processes may be applied: a.Student warned by bus assistant b.Student assigned designated seat, parents called c.Principal, parent, student, bus assistant conference d.Suspension of bus privileges for designated period of time; parents notified and made responsible for transportation 2. If, in the opinion of the bus assistant, the student’s behaviour is sufficiently negative to warrant, the bus assistant may step outside of this process and refer the student to the principal for appropriate disciplinary action. 3. For minor incidents of a continuing nature, bus assistants are encouraged to contact the parents prior to referring to the principal. The following procedures shall be carried out when it becomes desirable or necessary to suspend a student from riding a School bus.

  1. Decisions to expel a student from riding a School bus shall be made by the Principal in accordance with School rules.
  2. Prior to the next pickup time the parents of the student must be personally informed by the Principal (or designate) of the suspension and the reasons for the suspension.
  3. Under extreme circumstances, the Transportation Coordinator/ Social worker may inform the parent that the student will be denied transportation prior to the Principal having been informed.
  4. Reinstatement on the School bus may take place through –

             a) a meeting and/or communication with the parent(s), student, Principal and bus assistant to resolve the situation, provided the suspension is for five days or less; or              b) a meeting with the Supervisor for problem resolution.      5. In the interests of safety, students are prohibited from taking large and cumbersome objects on the School bus.